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La Claudina, Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia

A coffee very rich in flavors and suitable for filter coffee and light roast espresso. Brewed as filter coffee it is complex, fruity and full bodied with notes of prune, red grapes, pineapple and mango. As a light roast espresso you’ll get aromas of dates, kiwi, caramel, dark cherry, prune and Rooibos tea with fruity notes and lively acidity.

Flavour profiles:

  • Filter coffee: Prune, red grape, pineapple, dark cherry mango and winey notes. It’s lively acidity gives you a fresh mouthfeel while enjoying its complexity and full body.
  • Light roast espresso: Dates, mango, Rooibos tea, vanilla, caramel, dark cherry and prune. Full bodied, lively acidity and due to its complexity a lot to discover for your taste buds.


Brewing advice for the Kalita Wave 155 coffee dripper:

  • Coffee grounds: 15 g / 0,53 oz
  • Water temp: 95 °C / 204,8 °F
  • First pour: 30 ml / 1,06 oz, 30 sec
  • Second pour: 170 ml / 5,99 oz, 40 sec
  • Third pour: 30 ml / 1,06 oz, 40 sec



  • Use water with around 14 ppm.
  • Grind coarser for a quicker brew.
  • Pour in circular motion and maximum turbulence.
  • Beans should degas 8 days from the roast date.


More info on this coffee:

Farm: La Claudina
Owner: Family Saldarriaga
Process: Natural
Region: Ciudad Bolivar – Antioquia
Altitude: 1400 – 1800 m
Harvest: September to December
Mitaka: Mai to June
Area in coffee: 16 ha.
Varieties: Castillo, Tabi, Caturro, Variedad Colombia.

Historical Background – by Family Saldarriaga:

Finca La Claudina
The journey to Hacienda La Claudina begins in Medellín, the capital of coffee in Colombia. From there, you drive 109 km southwest across the Andes to Ciudad Bolivar, a village with an old coffee tradition in Colombia. There everything revolves around coffee. More than 80 % of its inhabitants depend in or directly on the coffee business. For many generations, coffee has been one of the most important components of our culture and traditions, and today you can see how we still process coffee in the traditional family way.
During the first great coffee expansion in the region at the end of the 19th century, the Hacienda La Claudina was created. Coming to the Hacienda is a journey into the past of the Colombian coffee tradition. The house, built in 1893 with an old Indian construction method (Bahareque), is still in its original state, as a symbol of the long tradition of our plantations in coffee production.
Since the beginning of the 90’s we started a series of improvements in the coffee production. From a mixture of tradition and technology, we managed to create our own way of processing our coffee and give it its own identity. Since 2004 we started an ambitious project for the renovation and development of our plantation. Newest planting methods have been applied to optimize the production, as well as the planting of new coffee varieties suitable for a better quality. We also carry out continuous research with different processing methods to extract different characteristics from our beans.
The coffee plantation has a size of 18 hectares, of which about 16 are hedges of coffee. It is situated at an altitude of 1400 to 1800 m, the most suitable altitude for the production of special highland coffee. It consists of 4 plots divided according to the height and soil characteristics. The harvesting period is between September and December, during which time almost 60 people take care of the manual sorting.
With the profile of a typical Colombian coffee from Antioquia (sweet, chocolaty aroma with intense citrus notes), the coffee from La CLaudina is an important starting point in the world of high quality Colombian coffee.

For your planning please note: To ensure freshness, all orders received by Sunday 00:00 h are roasted on Monday and shipped on Tuesday.