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Finca La Secreta, Municipalidad de Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia, South America -  natural anaerobic

We are very grateful to have found this coffee from Finca La Secreta in Colombia. A wonderfully complex, full-bodied filter coffee that works well as a hand brew or batch brew. Even cold, it retains its complexity and sweetness, making it perfect for cold brew or cold drip. Of course, it also makes an excellent and full-bodied espresso. Here, its subtle milk-chocolate notes come through wonderfully - drunk neat or as a flat white.


Flavour profile:
Mirabelle, vanilla, papaya, caramel, milk chocolate, herbal notes. A light and smooth acidity and a complex and full body.


Brewing advice for the Kalita Wave 155 coffee dripper:

  • Coffee grounds: 18,3 g / 0,65 oz
  • Water temp: 96 °C / 204,8 °F
  • First pour: 40 ml, 40 sec
  • Second pour: 130 ml, 50 sec
  • Third pour: 120 ml, 30 sec



  • Use water with around 70 ppm.
  • Ideal TDS around 1,40 %
  • Ideal extraction yield around 20,40 %
  • Beans should degas 8 days from the roast date.


More info on this coffee:

  • Region: Antioquia, Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia
  • Growing altitude: 1.700 - 2.050 m.a.s.l.
  • Arabica variety: Caturra - Colombia
  • Milling process: natural anaerobic
  • Flavour: mirabelle, herbal notes, vanilla, milk chocolate, papaya, sweet, caramel, fruity
  • Body: full and complex
  • Acidity: light

Finca La Secreta was acquired by Cafelumbus in 2019 as part of their current portfolio. Cafelumbus felt a special attraction to this region in Colombia due to its natural diversity. Juan Carlos Mejia the manager of this farm, lives there with his family and takes care of the 130,000 coffee trees planted there. The farm is 30 hectares, 25 hectares of which are planted with coffee and the other 5 hectares are a nature reserve. The beautiful nature reserve of this region is home to various species of animals and plants. There is a lot of forest to protect the water, which also provides water resources for the "Vereda Ventorrillo". This is the name of the zone where the farm is located. La Secreta is so unique, rich and endowed with lush nature, together it makes it all mystical and mysterious. That is why Cafelumbus named it "La Secreta".


For your planning please note: To ensure freshness, all orders received by Sunday 23:00 h are roasted on Monday and shipped on Tuesday.

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